Shooting In Texas Suspect : Who is this Hale?

The people of the entire Texas state are immersed in an atmosphere of sadness regarding the incident Shooting In Texas Suspect  that happened in the school in metro Nashville city of Texas state.

In Texas, on Monday, a suspect entered a private school and opened fire on innocent children with a gun, after 14 minutes, after hearing the noise of the gun, reaching the police scene, five police officers went to the top of the building of the two interstates. The suspect was killed but the police said that the 28-year-old, posing as an ex-student, had mercilessly fired upon the children.

Regarding this incident in Metro Nashville, Chief Officer of Nashville Police Station John Drake told the media in the afternoon gas conference that we have a complete map of this incident, we will tell you after getting the complete information, I said and the police After investigation, it was found that the suspect is a resident of Nashville, his name is Hale, he was killed inside the school by police officers by encountering him.

How many children were hurt or injured?

When six children were badly injured after the firing in the school, one of them died in the school itself, that innocent child died crying in great pain in the school. And the remaining five children were taken to a Monroe Carell Jr.children’s hospital in Vanderbilt for treatment but could not save the lives of those children.

“This scene was very painful and brutal.” drake said.

Who is this Hale? Shooting In Texas Suspect

Hale was earlier a student in a small private Christian school, but when he was there will be known after all the information, said the speaking police officer. The authorities believe that Haley had associated with being transgender.

After inquiry by the police, it was found that before entering the school, Hale had kept the side door of the school open and also kept the car parked near the school because it would be easy to escape, probably, but the security in the school It was very good that’s why hale could not go anywhere, the police took hale to drink and killed him.

The surprising thing is that this incident happened only 3 days after Hale’s 28th birthday.

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